Sidabrinė Linija  /  Silver Line

A project, initiated and led by the family of our Brother Marius Čiuželis
and his foundation "M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas".

Full project details (primarily in Lithuanian) can be found at

"Žmogui reikia žmogaus"

“Within the nature of every person is
a desire to feel appreciated,
to feel needed, and to be loved.”

Ellen J. Barrier

Loneliness kills.

Silver Line brings friendship and saves lives

Lithuania suffers epidemic suicide rates (32,5 per 100000 inhabitants) being #1 in EU (3 times higher than average) and #4 world-wide.

57% of suicides occur in the age group 50+.

Silver Line offers free befriending calls for elderly people with trained volunteers and has a huge social impact, combating loneliness, supporting isolated elderly people; protecting, supporting and empowering those who are suffering abuse and neglect; clearing the air for the good mood and a better health; empowering elderly people to overcome difficulties.

11 $ ~ 10 € = 110 minutes
of friendship conversations

Only US$ 11 can sustain a full month of regular weekly calls with a trained volunteer for a lonely elderly person. This includes telecommunication expenses and call center maintenance.

By now, the project has befriended 2,939 elderly people
for 657,010 minutes of meaningful conversations and fellowship. 

The suicide rate in the age group 50+ dropped by 10% (2017 vs. 2015) but still remains the highest and the project impact is high appreciated.

Silver Line has received numerous awards for its social impact and stands out by professional fund management, transparency, reporting and auditing.