Working towards building an effective club

We are grateful to one of the leading Lithuanian real estate developers, Hanner company and its founder Mr. Arvydas Avulis, for kindly hosting our young Rotary Club and providing us with en excellent boardroom on the 30th floor of the Europa Business center to have our regular club meetings.

Today we met here to have a working discussion about the club's processed and goals, aiming to employ technologies at our finder tips for the smooth and easy management of our daily routines. We have already built an easy-to-manage website with event management functions, links to our bank accounts, online membership and project application forms, also started an Instagram account, Facebook page and internal members-only communication platforms, such as FB group.

We kindly invite everyone, interested in hearing about our projects and activities, to subscribe for our newsletter, follow our Facebook page, Instagram and register for open events, as announced on this website.

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