Stay healthy, act wisely and responsibly

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, there are a lot of dynamic changes and decisions being made and changed, as situation develops worldwide and in Lithuania. Our club has been always digitally savvy and we already moved all of our club meetings online and have postponed or cancelled all public events, scheduled for up to April 17, 2020, until further notice. Meanwhile, we started discussions internally, what steps we can take as a club to contribute to society efforts in containing the spread and finding solutions to related issues and challenges. We are also committed to seek solutions and care for our members, if they are in need, and are proud and grateful to all doctors, including our members among them, and medical staff, who continue carrying on their professional duty in protecting and healing each of us.

Our inbound Rotary Youth Exchange students are taken care of. We are communicating in the district team, consulting with their parents, host families, insurance companies and travel agents. Our outbound Rotary Youth Exchange students are also in contact and are guided by our partners, Rotary clubs and host families in their places of destination.

We kindly invite everyone to act responsibly, to listen and comply with official recommendations. There is no need to panic, there is a need to join forces, skills, knowledge, energy and actions to find solutions to the new situation. If there is no yet official information, take personal responsibility and decisions, act wisely and swiftly, retain humanity.

Compared to previous global challenges and crisis, this time is different, as it touches everyone, be it the ministers of their closest family members, army generals, famous actors or sportsmen. We also see a lot of corporate and social initiatives around the world, when banks allow to postpone loan payments and cancel fees, travel industry allows for free re-bookings of even non-refundable reservations, governments are intervening with tax holidays and economic stimulus packages, people continue their work from remote online desks, factories open kindergartens on site to accommodate families, home-schooling, etc.. All this and more innovative solutions provide us all with a hope that together we will handle the virus and will continue building prosperity of our families and nations.




Official information in Lithuania:

Official information worldwide:

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