Quick tips how to move online fast - Flatten The Curve

These tips were originally written by our members for the global network of Rotary International district governors and youth exchange officers. Our club is also actively brainstorming, what can be done to help our local communities. We will keep updating the post with new tips and ideas.

We are focusing on making a larger impact and reach, in line with RI strategy 2020-2025 and to #HelpThoseWhoHelpOthers

(apparently, a number of our clubs’ underlying core principles are very universal 🙂 )

Join forces worldwide to calm the nerve and #FlattenTheCurve #RotaryConnectsTheWorld #PeopleOfAction

Few general tips that you might find useful on how to quickly move online, if you are not there yet, from our digitally savvy club members and district 1462 Lithuania:

  1. Our district incoming team 2020-2021 was moved to WorkPlace by Facebook a month before the COVID-19 outbreak. This platform has a very short learning curve, as it looks like Facebook, can connect people, who for whatever reason refuse to use social media, and can consolidate discussions in separate groups by topics, add documents, videos, photos for easy access, create events, group chats, live broadcast editable documents etc. - everything in a single place. Has a free option for NGO. We planned to use it for team coordination first, then quickly adjusted to run live meetings. It can be localized in many languages. Now, onboarding all club leaders and rotary volunteers to coordinate district COVID-19 response. We will do prePETS and PETS training for Rotary club leaders in Lithuania there too. (And this training CAN WAIT - focus on COVID-19 response, keeping economy and humanity sane)

  2. When you connect your team or online tools, you want to make sure they have administration tools to manage access, while your team members use secure passwords stored in a secure app, instead of written somewhere. Never share passwords by email. We recommend LastPass and Roboform EveryWhere, paid accounts of which also allow to safely share among selected individuals and have updated passwords in a safe place for everyone. #SafetyFirst

  3. Use built-in screen recording settings on your laptops to make quick video manuals in your native language, or special apps with much more useful features, like Snagit

  4. Use Asana for managing tasks, especially recurring ones, with a calendar view and sync to your other apps, Trello for project management

  5. Zoom is great for video conferencing in large groups, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts for smaller groups. When running an online meeting, ask participants to mute their microphones to avoid background noise and have a call script who talks when to avoid a loud mess. Call by names those, who shall talk next and ask to unmute their microphones

  6. MailerLite is great for nicely designed and very easy to use newsletters, very user-friendly. It helps you to spread the message as well as to know if your message is actually being read. Another similar tool we have used for Rotary purposes earlier is MailChimp

  7. Leave Messenger chats, including WhatsApp, only for quick alerts - these are not the best for discussions, only creates distractions, if used for wrong purposes and are being muted

  8. Have and enforce a brutal policy (a ka triage) to block or remove from the group or channel, designated to coordinate response actions, from whining, blaming and finger-pointing, focus on solutions, quality info sources only. We created separate open groups - one for “stress release - chat of complains”, one for memes, cat videos and other fun, to keep the main response channel clean and focused. There is BRAIN-STORMING, and there is BLAME-STORMING, (use this one in a separate channel to release stress and identify, where solutions might be needed first)

  9. Take the lead and personal responsibility, don’t wait for guidance from above, keep your head cool and retain humanity. Panic is worse than the virus. #PeopleOfAction

  10. Ignore bureaucracy - extraordinary times require quick extraordinary measures. We need to #FlattenTheCurve of new cases as soon as possible, so that doctors can heal and are not forced to tell “you will die, because I have not enough beds to try to heal you”

  11. - help #doctors and their families first so they can help others. Same as flight instructions on who gets to put the oxygen mask first. Ask your broad network for help if you need it. Yesterday we quickly moved inbound exchange student from our Rotary Sister’s doctor family

  12. Stay and work at home. That does mean that your friends and neighbors do the same. You might even rent an Airbnb for your family member at risk, to reduce virus spread

  13. Help your district youth exchange teams - they are overloaded by uncertainty from students and parents. Instruct your outbound to fully comply with local teams - if previously we had the challenge to take them out of the internet and integrate, now we have the challenge to keep them in-house. Virtual hugs and best wishes for those taken home by parents are a sign of better friendship that a risk to pass the virus

  14. Pick your words very carefully - we as leaders must emphasize the seriousness to comply with official recommendations, but also to calm down the nerve. Panic is worse than the virus

  15. Add your own tips in comments below

#RotaryOpensOpportunities - use the current status to quickly learn the benefits of digital tools

#RotaryInternational #LituanicaInternationalRotaryClub



Some suggested tools and apps in this post may contain affiliate links - the links give you easy and direct access to the recommended tool at the same price (if any, as some tools are free-of-charge at least to try on a small scale) or even at a special discount to you. We will use funds raised through these links to contribute to the COVID-19 containment response. In any case, all recommendations are based on our tried and tested experiences and are suggested for their value and ease of use.

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