Our Visibility at Rotary Lithuania D1462 conference

Today we took part in the 8th annual Rotary Lithuania D1462 conference named "The Role of Rotary in Creating the Image of Lithuania" together with other club presidents and and district leaders. The conference was held at Vilnius City Hall.

It was a remarkable event for our club. 2020-2021 Governor and our club member Viktorija Trimbel awarded our brother Mantas Kazlauskas with the Paul Harris Fellow recognition for implemented projects in the Rotary community.

Although Mantas has almost two decades of experience being on stage and event management business, this time his hands and voice shook with pride & excitement.

We are proud & happy for you, bro!

Later, when the official part was continued by interesting and knowledge building presentations, our president Marius Čiuželis went on stage and presented new and revolutionary idea to create sustainable financing instrument for the clubs - Rotary Endowment. The idea was extremely well taken by attendees and Marius was bombarded with meeting requests to provide more details.

Wow! What a day. Sometimes small steps can leap enormous effect.

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