Lithuanian Art at Rotary International Assembly in San Diego

Lithuania is rich in culture and talented artists. We are happy and proud to present few of them at the Rotary International Assembly 2020 in San Diego and are truly grateful to Lithuanian scientist Mr. Dainius Macikenas for the generous and unconditional support, time and effort to put the cultural display together.

Award winning virtual reality experience by the famous painter and composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, courtesy of the creators and producers, Ms. Kristina Bauzyte and Mr.Vitalijus Zukas

Award winning artists, courtesy of the Countour Art Gallery and its founder Ms. Vilma Macianskaite

- Ms. Laisvyde Salciute, The Portrait of Melusine. 2018, oil, acrylic, canvas, 82x71cm

- Mr. Raimondas Gailiunas, Cycle:History of the Savannah Era. Hunters and Collectors. oil on jute, 162x130cm

- Ms.Egle Ridikaite. The Floor that Vilma Saw. 2015, canvas, acrylic paint, silicon, 209x335cm

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