Empathetic leader Vaiva Amulė

"We are all caught up in childhood traumas," - says Vaiva Amulė (34), head of the Fintech Hub LT association and our beloved club member. During her childhood and adolescence, she faced with painful experiences and later attended the SoulACTION School of Emotional Intelligence. Vaiva, a strong woman, was called to a position of responsibility when her twin daughters were just in their first year. She says reconciling career and family is not a challenge. Motherhood helps her to pursue her goals more actively and to find more joy in her daily life.

Enjoy the interview taken by Virginija Majorovienė and published in magazine MOTERIS (Woman) on Vaiva's challenging pass through dyslexia, persistence to prove it is not the end of dreams, current leadership in Fintech association, life in Nicaragua, hers own twins and emotional ties with a twin brother, and much more.

Vaiva Amulė

Photo: Marius Morkevičius

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