Christmas all around!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

The year-end is quickly approaching and Christmas mood spreads all around. We love parties, having fun whatever we do is our 'brand identity'. Our slogan says Bring the World into Your Bubble and we decided to enjoy the festive season a bit differently this year.

We still had party. And it was different - with absolutely amazing home made dishes, pies, deserts made by our brothers & sisters. We opened so many hidden talents we never even dreamt off!

But the cherry on the cake was still the best. Instead of gifting ourselves with some trifles or paying for the fancy party premises, we all together decided... invest the budget into a good health of our brother and with our support help him to recover as soon as possible from an unexpected disease attack. Get well soon, Bro, we love you and are looking forward to see you back strong and recovered.

However, that was not enough. You probably remember our rich meeting with the members of Vilnius Rotaract Club. During it, we explored various common ideas on how we can work together to increase the impact of good deeds on society.

Back in the summer, discussing the possible directions of the club's activities, we set ourselves the goal of reducing the physical and emotional distances and barriers between different strata of our society: young and old, urban and rural, rich and more deprived. Therefore, with the votes of the majority of the board members, the project "100 smiles more" run by the Vilnius Rotaract Club turned out to be suitable for the realization of these goals and we decided to contribute 1500 Eur to the project and support elderly with the necessary household items (electric stove, new windows, bed, etc.) improving their quality of life.

A small step for us, but a big quality leap for the elderly. Now we are ready for Christmas!

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