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Membership at our club

At Lituanica International Rotary Club we connect people of action, who want to go beyond their daily routines, expand their knowledge and networks, make new friends and connections, and create a meaningful and lasting change in our communities.

We connect people, who see strength in differences and are ready to bring the world into their personal bubbles. Our Club is based on a free will and we seek to create and maintain a great vibe among our members. We understand the Rotary notion of "Service Above Self" as stepping beyond personal ego, narrow interests and walls.  


All of our members are expected to be fluent and or willing and committed to become fluent in English and digital tools. We use English as a working language at the club and we use many digital tools and technologies to connect members and make club administration seamless.

All of our members have lived, worked or studied abroad, or are responsible for international activities in their professional fields. They are foreigners and locals, who share our values and purpose, love the world and differences and seek to build international networks. They are people, who want to share their time, knowledge, experience and seek continuous personal growth, rather than ask “what’s in it for me”. They are creators, not just consumers, wanting to create a lasting change, legacy and a snow-ball effect. Our members are fun to spend enriched time together and have a shared sense of humor.

We offer private (individual, family, global) and corporate (up to 3 members from a single company) membership types. New members are introduced by their sponsors - current members of our club. If you have just moved to Lithuania and do not know yet a Rotarian, ready to extend you a recommendation, we might consider your membership after learning your motivation and getting to know you during a candidacy period.

Rotary shall not come at expense of their private lives or family - family members are always welcome at our events, we also offer corporate and family memberships. Our Club members are busy professionals with demanding schedules, therefore our regular meetings take place only twice per month, typically on the first and third Wednesday at 7 PM. We also arrange social meetups and weekend trips to build our friendship, explore new things and get to know each other better. 

As we are the newest Rotary Club in Lithuania, our current focus is to get to know each other better through a series of club events, branded as
# Member Talks and # Rotary Explorer.

# Member Talks

Each of our members have many impressive stories to tell from their personal and professional lives. We have many of our regular meetings, especially in the beginning of Club activities, structured as #MemberTalks, where we have two of the club members as speakers, presenting their chosen topics.

Also, we conclude each of our meetings by going around and sharing 1-2 sentences about good things, that have happened in our personal and professional lives since we met last time. It creates a truly great mood and vibe before going home, and makes us long for the next club meeting.

# Rotary Explorer

With this initiative, our goal is to promote opportunities for the members to learn about neighbouring communities, strengthen our commitment to identify and address their needs and to better connect with each other on a personal level. We encourage each other to step-out of comfortable social bubbles, to meet new people and gain new experiences that broaden our perspectives or take us outside of the comfort zones.

With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. We arrange events and day-trips for our members and their families to explore Lithuania, newly opened exhibition, performance or a restaurant, we travel together, bike, ski or kayak.